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Discount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire Warehouse
American Tire Co

If you are in the market for new tires, then you have probably encountered some kind of issue with your current tires, whether it be a flat or excessive tread-wear.  Either way you are in the market for a great deal, which is easily found with the experts at American Tire Co.  They take it one step further than simple tire installation, repairs, and purchases. Even if you are not looking because of problems with your tire or vehicle, you can find help. 

American Tire Co offers everything from preventative maintenance to complex repairs.  Many people choose to make them their mechanic of choice. One of the best deals they offer is a free lube, oil, filter, and oil change the fourth time you get it done.  Their prices are quite competitive against the open market of one-stop shops.  For future visits they will keep your file in their system so you know the exact size, shape, model, or item you got on your last visits.

They are a Pennzoil company that offers a 300,000 mile limited engine warranty.  American Tire Co is also an authorized dealer for Uniroyal, Kelly Tires, Dunlop, Good Year, BF Goodrich, and Michelin.  This is not their limit, they do offer many more options as well as bargains on multiple tire purchases or tire and rim purchases.  For the best chance at a good deal check their website for specials.  They can then link you to local newspaper offers, direct mail flyer offers, and manufacturer's coupons.  All of which they accept. 

Each American Tire Co can be located with in a relatively close distance to your home, as they have at least 10 locations in each state.  This is great should you encounter any problems in your travels.  Check the yellowpages for a local number or search them out online for more options. 

Another great reason to check out American Tire Co is that they offer a free tire maintenance check.  Keep you and your family safe by getting them looked at when it is time to and not let it wait until something goes wrong.  Remember that your tires are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road each time you drive. 

It only takes a couple of minutes a month to make sure they are in working order.  Maintaining tire air pressure is one of the most important items to check yourself.  It is one of the easiest with a gauge that can be purchased for just a couple of dollars at any gas stations or automotive store.  Consult your manual or a trust mechanic for the correct tire pressure.  Do not forget the quarter test where you turn a quarter upside down between the tread and make sure the tread covers most of George's head.  If you have any other question, American Tire Co can offer advice as to how to keep your tires in great and safe shape.