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American Tire Company

Established in 1992 American Tire Company is now one of the leading tire dealers on the Hawaiian Islands. The company retails in all types, all designs and all makes of tire that keep drivers driving. Whether you drive an off-road vehicle or a standard sedan, American Tire Company has the tires to keep you moving. The company has a large selection of retread tires also at inexpensive prices. These retreads are safe and the dangerous versions of days gone by. As mentioned, all the major tire manufacturer’s tires are available at competitive prices. For customers who are not sure which tire is best for their vehicle, competent employees are able to advise and recommend the ideal tires for your car. Off-road drivers also are catered for with a huge selection of off and on road tires from leading manufacturers - also sold at reasonable prices. Interesting to note here, American Tire Company is the only dealer of Goodyear tires on Hawaii’s main island of Oahu.

 American Tire Company has only the best interests of the customer at heart. Staff will not try to beguile you into purchasing expensive tires, when a cheaper tire will suffice. If you do have new tires put on the feet of your vehicle, wheel balancing and alignment is also advisable. If your wheels are not balanced or aligned correctly after having the tires fitted, you’ll be back in the forecourt in six months asking why your new tires have worn out so quickly. With the balancing and alignment, the tires will run true and the treads will wear evenly. If you are having engine problems, mechanical repairs are also able to be performed at all outlets. Skilled, experienced mechanics can repair engine problems swiftly and not have you without wheels for extended periods.

 Visit an American Tire Company outlet for new tires for all types of vehicles. Visit an outlet for mechanical repairs; visit an outlet for general car maintenance, namely a lube job, oil change and all other miscellaneous tasks. As many drivers don’t really understand what vehicle maintenance entails, employees at every outlet are able to explain the importance of weekly or daily car maintenance. These professionals will explain tire air pressure, when to get a lube job, the right tires for the driving conditions and so much more. There are many other dealers that are offering similar services as American Tire Company and as a customer and consumer; it is up to you to do the research to find the best deals and service.