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Discount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire Warehouse
American Tire

Formed in 1974 American Tire has gone from a small business using an old warehouse to having stores in various places around the snowy State of Alaska. The Company retails all the major brands of tires, from Goodyear to Bridgestone, BF Goodrich to Cooper, they’re all available and all sold at competitive prices. The family business doesn’t just sell tires, it also fits tires and for those that wish to have their new tires balanced and aligned; American Tire employees will do the job while you wait. Since the business is in Alaska it is obvious that winter tires are going to be a popular purchase in the fall and early winter months. Alaska isn’t the most tropical State in the United States and winter tires, along with engine block heaters, are a necessity.

 American Tire also has a large selection of wheels and rims that are stylish and will improve the look of your car or off-road vehicle. These wheels are also strong enough to withstand the harsh winters of the Alaskan State and will give you years of spinning service. Most shoppers tend to buy the wheel and tire combination sets. This takes the headache out of choosing the right tires for the wheels. American Tire employees know exactly which type of tire should be used with which type of wheel and thus relieve you of the decision making. The company also has other services available. For example muffler and exhaust repair, shock absorber and suspension repair; engine repair and a battery service. Indeed having a strong, dependable battery in freezing conditions is very important. No one likes sitting behind the wheel on a freezing cold morning trying to start an engine with a battery that is almost flat.

 As you can clearly see American Tire isn’t just about tires as those who visit an outlet are able to almost have their vehicle completely reconditioned. American Tire also offers special deals for military personnel and senior citizens, which is very unusual these days – seniors perhaps, but military is definitely unique. This Alaskan business obviously truly believes in looking after the customer. More than likely no one leaves an outlet disappointed as the various services attest to and the array of different high quality tires and wheels, no doubt has created a slew of regular customers. Each year these people probably return to an outlet and have their vehicle checked prior to the beginning of winter.