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Discount Car Tires - What To Look Out For


The search for discount car tires happens periodically for all car owners and the job of finding the cheapest and best set of tires, is a chore. Car tires need to be replaced at least once or sometimes twice per year – depending on the type of vehicle and how often we use it. None of us wants to shell out more than is necessary for a set of four black doughnuts and for this reason many dealer’s have discounts on tires.

One of these discounts is the Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 P- Metric 99H tire. This particular brand of tire is solidly built and puncture resistant. The tread is positioned so that it can grip the road even in wet conditions. Michelin tells us that the tire is an all weather tire, able to perform well in all road conditions. The price for this tire has been dropped from $218.00 each to $148.95 each. That’s a pretty big fall and needless to say, sales are brisk. Many dealers of discount car tires are offering sensational deals - apparently it is a buyers market.

Another brand name tire making in-roads in sales is the Bridgestone Dueler RHS. According to reviews, this tire has an incredible grip which means handling and cornering capabilities are excellent. The tire also runs smoothly, quietly and wears evenly. The Dueler retails for less than $200 - depending on the size. It is ideal for light trucks as well as the standard sedan. The reviews of the Bridgestone tire and the aforementioned Michelin have had nothing negative to say about each tire – both are considered excellent purchases.

If you are shopping for new discount car tires, be suspicious of deals that seem too good to be true. More often than not, they are too good to be true. Some tire dealers will try to sell re-treaded tires as new tires. The unsuspecting customer is beguiled into believing that the cheapness of the tire was a lucky chance. Make sure you check each tire careful. Look for the manufacturers seal, does the tire have any scuff marks or scratches that don’t appear to be from normal handling. If you are careful and keep your wits about you, you will indeed be able to purchase some discount car tires that will keep money in your pocket rather than in the pocket of a dealer. There is a virtual plethora of different discount car tires available to buy at costs that are very surprising - chances are you’ll get yourself a great bargain.