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Situated in PA the Keystone Discount Tire Co has been in business for a number of years serving the drivers of the city Bensalem. The Company states that its employees are skilled workers, using the very best in machinery and guarantee to finish the job to the customer’s satisfaction. It appears the discount tire co know how to look after the drivers of Bensalem. The Company offers various services for drivers to take advantage of, some of these services include.

Emission inspection – making sure your vehicle isn’t adding to global warming by sending too much carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Safety inspection – making sure your vehicle is not going to suddenly lose its braking power and send you into a tree.

Tune ups – will have you engine humming like a sleeping child.

Oil change and lube – will stop the squeaks and give the engine a fresh bath of oil.

Customized wheel and tires – will make your car or light truck, look and perform better.

Suspension and wheel alignment – stops your tires from wearing too much on one side and gives you much better control over the vehicle.

These are just a few of the services discount tire co has available for anyone who drives in the forecourt. Tires however, are the Company’s main product and they do have a huge selection for drivers to choose from. All the major brands of tire are retailed. From Firestone to Goodyear, Kumho to Fireilli, all are purchasable at competitive rates.

There are specials also offered by discount tire co and these specials include coupons for tire balancing, wheel alignment, $5.00 discounts of some expensive radial tires and many other such deals. For vehicles that have tires with the tread worn too much on one side, the Company offers a free tire rotating coupon that you can use at anytime.

As mentioned above, all employees at Keystone discount tires co are professional and very skilled. If you’re having problems with your car or off-road vehicle, employees are able to ascertain the trouble in minutes and have it repaired as quickly as possible. You won’t be standing around waiting too long. If it is new tires you’re after, let the staff recommend the right tires for your car so that you’ll be able to have at least a couple of years safe driving. For the young male driver’s who want to jazz up their car a little, discount tire co, can recommended and mount custom wheels, rims and tires and have you driving home in no time.