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Before delving into the task of purchasing new tires, there is a place you should consider.   Most people do not know to even consider past a visit to a local mechanic or tire company for new tires, but not many consider a discount tire company.  Purchasing tires is altogether a difficult for the typical consumer.  What they do know is what their mechanic, family member, or car manual told them.  This means that you are going to need to do some homework.    Start with some research either online or with someone you trust to give you good advice on tires.  Understand what you need for your vehicle, by both the model or brand of your car and the terrain that you will be driving on.  Any of these can make a big difference and you are less likely to find one on one customer service at a larger discount tire company.

Do not forget to seek out consumer reports and comments on websites about the particular brand and model tire you are looking at purchasing.  User reviews are some of the best commentary to give you insight to the wear of the tire.  The next option is then to investigate the discount tire company on your own or to find a representative that can offer their basic training and experience based recommendations.  Make sure you do more than pose a question, get the person talking so you can understand what type of experience they have had and this will tell you what sort of advice you are likely to get.

When you have established what recommendations you can trust, it is up to you to find the price you want to pay, not the one you have to pay.  Shop around and get the best price.  Remember that shopping around includes pricing a discount tire company in person and online.  They both offer their different opportunities and depending on the type of shopper or person you are can decide what kind of deal you can get.  Also, do not forget that a discount tire company online will also have shipping costs.

You have done your homework on a discount tire company and are ready to purchase your tires.  The next step is to verify that you get some sort of guarantee.  Some discount tires will come with limited guarantees and it is not suggested that you purchase a tire without one.  Proper inspection of the tire and the company will help you not get in trouble with your purchase.