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Discount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire WarehouseDiscount Tire Warehouse
Discount Tire Houston


The stores are ubiquitous in and around the city of Houston, Discount Tire Houston locations are one of the biggest independent tire dealers in the country. Established in 1960, the company has outlets stocking all the top brands and latest designs across the city. Friendly experienced and skilled employees are able to fit your vehicle with new tires - balanced and aligned within minutes. Also stocked and boasting fine sales are a full selection of wheels and rims for cars and light trucks. All employees, at Discount Tire Houston locations, understand tires and thus are able to recommend the best tires for your vehicle. As mentioned above Tires from famous brands like Michelin, Falken; Goodyear and Nitto, all are available at very reasonable prices. For example the Pacemark SA4 All Season 15 inch tire is retailing for a mere $61.00 each. This tire has good reviews and, for its low price, will give purchasers quite a few miles of road gripping service.

 If you want to buy a well known tire brand like Bridgestone’s Potenza - an excellent road cruising tire guaranteed to give drivers many miles of safe driving – it is retailing at a Discount Tire Houston location for $221.00. This price is a bargain for a tire of this quality from Bridgestone. Wheels are also sold at great prices, for example, American Outlaw Wheels. One of wheels from this particular company is the American Outlaw Apache. This wheel is a strongly built wheel designed and constructed to comply with the strict government regulations that are imposed on wheel production. The wheel is made from strong aluminum and has a variety of different finishes. This product is ideal for off-road vehicles as well as standard highway driving. The above tires and wheel introductions are just a glimpse of what is retailing at Discount Tire Houston stores.

 If you’re in the market for either a new set of rubber or you want to change your wheels and rims, visit a Discount Tire Houston location and check out what is available. Take your time browsing the stock displayed and if you see a salesperson that is not too busy, chat about a set of tires you’re interested in and learn something. It is also best to learn and understand a product before you hand over the plastic card. It is also a good idea to shop around - visiting other dealers to see if you can get a better deal. You probably won’t find any better deals than what Discount Tire Houston stores are offering, but check out others anyway.