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Falken Ziex Tires - An Inside Look

Falken Ziex tires are manufactured by the Japanese tire manufacturer Falken. This company is relatively new to the business of tire production, (founded in 1983) however is taking on the major players in tire sales and establishing itself as a high quality manufacturer. The tire reviews for the ZE-512 Falken tire are very good with most owners stating that the tire possesses excellent traction and handles very well in all weather conditions.

The ZE-512 does have a couple of minor weaknesses, however. These include noisier than other makes of tire and also a tendency for the tread to wear quickly. Let me just mention here, that if a tire’s air pressure is not maintained at the recommended pressure constantly, then of course the tread will wear quicker. Many car drivers do not regularly check their vehicle’s tires and this is one for the reasons for tires wearing out quickly and gasoline consumption to be high - regular vehicle “housekeeping” is a must.

In general Falken Ziex tires retail cheaper than other major brands. This however, does not necessary mean that a Falken tire is of poor quality, it simply means Falken are able to produce quality tires for less because their parent company is Sumitomo Rubber – a huge conglomerate, headquartered in Japan. Prices for Falken Ziex tires seem to range from $81.00, regardless of the model or design of tire. The STZ 04 235/75R15 to the STZ 04 235/60 HR16 all have the same tire belt and tread design. The company informs us that the placement of the tread ensures water gets pushed aside on wet roads, allowing the tire to grip the bitumen. Most reviewers agree that in wet weather, Falken Ziex tires handle well.

Falken Corporation produces an array of different types of tires for different types of vehicles. Ziex tires are one of the company’s best products and are growing in popularity. Reviews, as mentioned, are mixed however in general this tire is widely respected. The Ziex tire is manufactured for on-road vehicles only and should not be used for off-road driving for an extended time. It many seem silly or even asinine to say, respect your vehicles tires and you will get long life from them, abuse them and you’ll be buying new tires often. Falken Ziex tires are tires that deserve to be looked after and if maintained periodically will give you, at least two or more years, of safe driving. Get a set of Falken Ziex tires fitted today.