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Light Truck Tire - Info To Consider Before Outfitting Your Truck

Having each wheel fitted with a light truck tire on your pickup or other work-type vehicle is far more cost saving than having your vehicle fitted with thick, heavy truck tires. Although these tires are strong - thick and heavy tires cause the truck to use more fuel and you will eventually have to pay more for repairs. A good, reasonably priced light truck tire will save you a great deal of money in the long run. This type of tire is retailed at many outlets and priced depending on the brand as well as the size. If we take a look at the General Grabber HTS tire the pros totally outweigh the cons. This tire performs very well on wet or dry pavement, excellent grip in snowy conditions and runs smoothly and quietly on bitumen roads. The manufacturers of the General Grabber HTS also guarantee the tread will last 60,000 miles. That’s a lot of driving.

The only negative points from reviews were that the tire only handles fair on ice and is not designed for off-road driving – although it could probably handle it. If it is that time of the year when new tires are needed for the pickup, perhaps investing in a set of General Grabbers HTS, might a wise purchase. The tire retails from the total price of $89.00. The manufacturer also says that the Grabber is an all season’s road tire design especially for light trucks. Tire makers and dealers are, seemingly, forever coming up will some sort of new tire to woe the tire hunter. A good light truck tire is what people are looking for these days. Manufacturers are realizing this and designing, producing and selling tires that are environmentally friendly, have longevity and are not too hard on the pocket.

For the off-road light truck driver, Firestone has the perfect tire for you. The Firestone M/T is proving itself to be a worthy tire. Various car magazines have hailed the tire as revolutionary for off road driving. But it doesn’t stop there - the Firestone M/T also handles well on pavement as well as all types of weather conditions. When you’re out shopping for tires and you’re standing in the office of some reputed tire dealer, asked the clerk to recommend a good light truck tire, chances are he or she will suggest the Grabber or the Firestone M/T.

There are, however, a slew of different truck tires on the market and choosing the best quality is no easy task. You’re going to be brow-beaten by salespeople advising you on the best light truck tire, resist the urge to buy the first one recommended, it is probably the most expensive and will no doubt, end up costing you more. Shop wisely and pick yourself up a good light truck tire set.