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One of the best ways to get tire specials is to start searching online. These searches do not have to be limited to online as a lot of people like to see their car parts before they are put on their vehicle. You can find great deals locally from places like Sears, Advanced Auto, and other smaller local tire companies. However, sometimes local retailers will have to raise their prices just to get a few bucks back on their work. To avoid the over-pricing price shop online to make sure you get the better deal.

As you start your online search for tire specials, stray away from any tires that may have been used. Even those who say they only had the tire on one day or a few. In no way does this mean that you cannot trust people or companies, it simply reassures that you will be careful of the product you are receiving. If you do want to buy used, buy locally and have the tire inspected by a professional.

To start you want to conquer the fear of buying something you are not going to see first. To do so, figure out what you will be doing with the tires from a tire special. Are you an off-roader or a city driver? Choosing the right tire is very, very important. Consult the owner's manual in your vehicle for the exact measurements and speed rating that your tires need to be. Speed ratings will start at S, the lowest grade, and the go up through T, U, H, V, W, Y, Z; Z is then
your highest rating. The higher grade will mean that the tires from the tire specials are safer to

It is also very important to educate yourself on the different parts of the tire. This way you will
assure yourself the best possible tire for the best possible situations. Some of the major ones
you should look at are the treads, sidewalls, cap, body plies, and the DOT stamp that assures
your tires meets Department of Transportation standards.

Online Tires, The Wheel Connection, and Discount Tire Direct are great places to start your
search. You will see hundreds of tire specials for any vehicle. All of which will be at competitive rates and prices. Keep in mind that buying wheels and tires together is more
often the cheaper option than buying them separately, thus where the tire specials will be the better deal. Also, pay attention to how long the tire will last your vehicle. Another important option is to make sure the website you choose to buy from has some sort of guarantee on your discount truck tires. A full refund can be very important if the tires you purchase turn out to be trash or damaged.