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Wheel Warehouse

If it is a new set of wheels you are wanting for your car, SUV or off-road vehicle then it appears the Wheel Warehouse is probably stocking the exact wheels you want or need. Established in 1979 and situated in California, the Wheel Warehouse has served and continues to serve hundreds of customers every week from its Orange County store. Although the main products retailed are wheels, there is also a large selection of high quality major brand name tires. Tire makers include Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone and others. For those who buy a new set of tires, he or she can expect to have the new tires fitted and balanced along with their purchase. The “blow out” sale on the Company’s website is a popular place to shop for driving enthusiasts and shoppers are able to pick up the latest wheels and rims at bargain prices. So what exactly does the Wheel Warehouse retail? Check out the following: -

  • Custom designed wheels and rims – either chrome or alloy.
  • A vast collection of tires from leading manufacturers.
  • Suspension parts and accessories that will add to a smooth ride.

One is also able to purchase custom wheels that are designed particular vehicles. For example, there are wheels and rims for vehicles like Aston Martin, jeep, Chrysler, Mini; Porsche and many other well known, high performance cars. If you visit the store’s website, you’ll be able to choose rims and wheels from the major manufacturers. Big name wheel and rim makers like Asanti, Boss; Eagle and Ultra. It is clear that the Wheel Warehouse has something for everyone. Whether you drive a standard, nondescript sedan or the latest Porsche, Wheel Warehouse has the tires, wheels, suspension and rims to make your car perform even better.

 It seems that new wheels, rims and tires will be fitted to your vehicle while you wait in an air conditioned waiting room. The skilled, professional staff will have you driving home in on time. Once these new additions to your vehicle are fitted, staff will: -

  • Balance the tires – making sure the vehicles steering is not affected.
  • Align the new wheels or rims – making sure they do not inhibit braking.
  • Test the vehicle’s brake system – assuring your safety.

For all your wheel and tire needs many recommend visiting the Wheel Warehouse as their service and inventory is considered the best in California. Shoppers are also able to purchase tires and wheels online. Just visit the website, type in the name and model of your car, choose which tires or wheels you want and click the “shopping basket.”